11 March 2020

Nautica Competition

Our iconic Nautica Competition label is back and the new range keeps the 90’s spirit alive with colour, big silhouettes and intricate detail.

The 1996 release of Nautica Competition propelled Nautica to streetwear icon. What started as a range to satisfy an active lifestyle, Nautica Competition quickly commanded an urban fashion following that still hasn’t been shaken.

nautica competition

Adding a Nautica Competition take on your streetwear favourites, the new collection brings a modern inflection to original 90s features. Graphic Tees showcase flags and large logos whilst the J. Class emblem, Nautica’s calling sign, receives a new treatment on the back of classic cut T-shirts. Appearing in colours of the rainbow, the range of graphic T-shirts will introduce you and then say goodbye for you.

graphic tee

Not to be judged on first appearance Polo Shirts were originally intended for sportswear. We’ve reenergised your classic and striped Polo Shirts with a Nautica Competition makeover. A square cut leaves you with a 90’s box shape silhouette whilst the activewear element is satisfied with the blended fabrication. Pops of 90’s colour are met with bold stripe and colour blocking –roll the sleeve of a solid colour to pop the contrasting internally lined sleeve.

striped polo

Embrace 90’s rebellion and get on board with breaking your clothing’s intended boundaries. The sportswear to streetwear crossover gives you permission to showcase the bold Hoodies, embroidered Track Shorts or Pants and colour blocked Singlets in any setting you choose.

And don’t overlook the detailing. From hidden colours, like contrasting waist bands on mens swimwear, to the quality embroidery on the Windbreakers and Sweatshirt sleeves; the range delivers the quality of detail Nautica is known for.


Whether you’re setting up to select a bold colour block pattern or rich solid colour, Nautica Competition is best worn oversized, head to toe and with confidence. With over 50 styles to choose from, including Bucket Hats and Caps, set up your winter wardrobe to outstep the rest.

track suit

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