26 March 2020

Stay At Home

In modern life our home is evolving from just a living space to a venue of multitude home activities and your wardrobe needs to keep up.

working from home

Comfort is important for any wardrobe but when it’s catering for time at home too it becomes key. The advanced fabrics in our Navtech Collection have comfort benefits you’ll still feel at your home desk. Polos come with Stain Resistance to keep that coffee stain at bay, Knit Sweaters have moisture wicking so you won’t feel fluctuations in your body temperature and the active-stretch in our Chinos means you won’t need to lift the knees as you sit down to your home office.

When working from home it’s important to keep up appearances. Whether you’re dialling in for the next work conference call or meeting your partner’s parents on Facetime, a crisp button up or Polo Shirt sets your scene whilst leaving you feeling unrestricted; you can decide if the moment requires you to swap your Track Pants for some Navtech Chinos.

nautica competition

A key tip for a productive work from home day is to change out of your pyjamas. With a dual benefit of setting your mind up for the day’s demands your reversion to your Tracksuit at 5.30pm will subconsciously wind you down ready for your evening. Remember, concentration needs hydration so fill up your copper insulated drink bottle and keep your drink cool or hot until you’re next ready to move.

track jacket

When social distancing is keeping you indoors, it’s important to go back to your favourite styles in your pure leisure time. Classic Sportswear is the go-to pieces for comfort, they were after all made to move. Whether you’re planning a workout at home or your choice for the day is to move as little as possible, the French Terry finish to our Track Pants, Hoodies and Sweaters sit against your skin with no irritation. A cotton Short or long sleeve Tee adds an easy layer if desired.

And in moments when the walls are closing in, stay positive and look forward to staying in your pyjamas on Sunday for a Netflix session.


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