Nautica Sustainability

We are inspired by the world around us and energised by the water.

Nautica Sustainability

The reinvention of American Sportswear classics for today’s wardrobe is what we do. The Sustainably Crafted Collection is our next era, creating modern icons that have minimal environmental impact.

Nautica Sustainable Tee

Mindful of unnatural materials impact on our ocean and environment, The Sustainably Crafted Collection incorporates natural and recycled fabrics; namely Repreve polyester, Modal and recycled polyester. Spun through polos, tees, swim shorts and sweaters each of these sustainable yarns have their own longevity and comfort benefits.

We are proud partners of Repreve ©, a leading brand of fibre derived from recycled materials, primarily plastic bottles. Interrupting the plastics journey to our oceans, bottles are collected, chopped into bottle flake and melted before being spun into a traceable yarn.

Use of Repreve© reduces energy requirements, water wastage and greenhouse gas emissions and helps reduce the volume of waste going to landfill. In line with our commitment to minimal environmental impact, maximum style this certified fabric brings with it high performance properties. Many of these properties cross over with the popular Navtech range benefits such as moisture-wicking, temperature control and UV protection.

swim shorts

In the mix is recycled polyester fabric. Born from PET that once broken down can be recycled again and again, so less landfill long term. The process to create this recycled polyester fabric also uses less energy than standard polyester. Sustainably Crafted Packable Swim Shorts are constructed in 100% recycled polyester; you can enjoy the ocean and care for it.

Stripe Tee

The lasting impact of our clothes crosses into their eventual breakdown. Modal, a natural fabric, derived from beech tree pulp (and found in Sustainably Crafted Button Up Striped Sweater) is biodegradable. It is super soft, light weight and durable so your comfort is also guaranteed.

Like our style our sustainable brands journey is evolving, our commitment as a Wavemaker is looking towards a bluer world; are you with us?

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