What kind of swimwear should guys wear?

With a culture and lifestyle focused on enjoying the outdoors, mens swimwear Australia is a wardrobe staple all year round. What might be considered as summer swimwear only, mens swim trunks form the everyday style of every Aussie guy.

Can we wear swimmers as shorts?

Nautica swimwear is not limited to beach wear only and deciding if swimmers can be worn as shorts and streetwear is an easy one. Coastal living and holidaying means being ready to jump from sand to street at a moments notice so mens beach shorts aren't for just that. Since 1938, Aussies have been throwing a tee or shirt over their favourite pair of mens swim shorts when they leave the waters edge. Nautica swims are for comfort and practicality as much as they are style with added detail for maximum wearability.

Why does men's swimwear have netting?

Commonly asked is why does mens swimwear have netting? Added for support you don't have to think twice for change of dressing, choosing to have your underwear band on show is a style statement not a necessity.

What makes Nautica men's swimwear the best?

As a brand anchored where the land meets the sea, there is no question as to what makes Nautica mens swimwear the best. Whether summer or winter we refresh our range of mens swimwear with a whole new set of updated designs. Our wide range of mens swimmers vary in lengths and extends to plus size swimwear so there is something for everyone. Always constructed in quick dry fabric for ultimate comfort all day you have no excuse to hit the water at a moments notice.