Nautica Logo Edit

A Logo is a call sign and as a heritage American Sportswear brand the Nautica logo is an icon.

Throughout our 35 years our logo has evolved with our Nautica collections and Nautica clothing today hosts the logo in different ways to suit any style. You can choose from subtle embroidery on the chest of a Nautica logo shirt to statement printed branding on the Nautica hoodie and everything in between.

If you’re looking to let the logo tell the story reach for oversized logos on a Nautica jumper then pair with matching trackpants from the Nautica Competition collection for an urban look. Nautica logo t-shirts make their own mark with feature printed graphics on the chest or back. Statement logos can also be subtle like the embroidery on the neck of Nautica jackets in the Anchor collection used to hide the roll away hood.

If your style is more suited to a quieter Nautica brand reference seek out styles that use tonal detail like the Nautica sweatshirt, hoodie and track pants in the Anchor Collection. Thoughtful placement is one to watch out for too. Embroidered J. Class emblems on our chino and deck shorts sit above the rear pocket, the printed logo sits inside collar of the Nautica Competition Roband Bomber Jacket and details under the collar of polo shirts are just some ways to show your statement differently.

Whatever your logo choice, reach for a Nautica puffer jacket in winter and swim shorts in summer and wear Nautica your way.