It’s Time To Talk About Layers

The temperature is dropping fast, and your style needs to move with it. It’s easy to fall into the trap of pairing a long sleeve tee with your favourite sweater and thinking you are done, but there are many ways to layer winter staples for fashion and comfort during the colder months. Say hello to winter clothing layering. The benefit of layering goes beyond adding versatility to your everyday style. Layering lets you adjust to a new temperature one layer at time unlike a heavy hoodie. Nautica’s got some tips and inspiration to get you winter ready.

Sportswear Focus

Varsity prep is leading fashion so tracksuits are being looked at in a different way. Hoodies, jumpers, track pants and fleece shorts are the key pieces for this style. Be inventive, don’t just reach for one hoodie; there’s 2 ways of wearing your selects to nail this trend.


Try layering a zip up hoodie over a sweatshirt or swap it and put an overhead hoodie under a jumper.

For a real track team training vibe, cut the sleeves of a sweater, put a hoodie underneath and pull the hood over the jumper’s collar. 

90’s Inspired

90’s layering of winter clothes revolved around tees. Classic era favourites saw long sleeve shirts layered over a graphic t shirt or a short sleeve over a long sleeve tee of a contrasting colour.


Grunge lead the shirt over tee trend most notably with flannel shirts. For a lighter finish swap the flannel for a cotton blend shirt from the Navtech Collection.

For the ultimate retro feel, reach for bold colours and graphics when selecting a short sleeve to wear over a long sleeve tee.


Winter essential jackets are a great alternative for layering when balanced right. Lightweight Windbreaker jackets create a great base for layering under a breathable padded vest or puffer jacket. The variety of fabrics and patterns in the Nautica collection of jackets makes layering more interesting. To get this look right pick one of the 2 focus points below:

puffer jackets

Compliment a solid colour puffer jackets with a patterned windbreaker to let both pieces make a statement.

Solid colour blocks in the same colour palette look great when layered together.


Timeless classic style has always relied on layering. To create smart-casual outfits in cooler months (or to battle the office aircon) basics such as slim knitted jumpers, shirts and t shirts are key pieces.


A soft cotton tee, in a contrasting colour adds depth to a V-neck sweater or for a more preppy look put a polo under your crew neck and lay the collar over the jumpers neck.

Go sharper and make the most of the American Preppy trend. As this look is all about the collar and layer a structured shirt under a knitted sweater or varsity cardigan.